Thursday, May 8, 2008

Renovation Update: Major Changes

I stopped by the construction after a long weekend away and was thrilled to see the progress we've made. First, the master bath: they've added a dark grey grout around the quartzite tiles in the outer water closet and have installed the custom-bathroom vanity. They've designed the vanity to match the new doors we're installing in the closets and bedrooms throughout the apartment (hopefully early next week).

After a bit of back and forth with the tiler, and my wife's six trips to different tile and marble retailers throughout New York City (she actually hand picked a dozen tiles from over twenty different lots of marble), the bathroom floor looks great. Since we had had a few misfires with the tiler, my wife and I actually laid out the marble exactly as we wanted them last Thursday night and numbered each tile on strips of blue tape:

Meanwhile, aside from flooring, an overhead light fixture and some painting, the master bedroom is substantially complete:

The main (old) apartment looks rather bare with the furniture moved out and the old floor ripped up. They've delivered our bamboo flooring to be installed this week.

A view from inside the living room out towards the entry hallway and door.

Finally, they've started work on the pre-existing bathroom by ripping out the shower doors, full length glass mirrors (cracked since the day we moved in) and old medicine cabinet (never fully opened, another broken relic that we had been living with for years).

The biggest difference that we've noticed is the greater sense of space and flow. From a bare 600 square foot single bedroom, we now have sufficient space where one person can stand in one end of the apartment and have no idea what's going on in the opposite end of the apartment. As a guy, I am really looking forward to the greater amount of elbow room (although as a father, perhaps I shouldn't be too excited that I won't be able to tell what's going on down the hall...).

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