Monday, May 5, 2008

Moving Out

We've hit another milestone in the story of our apartment renovation. Work has progressed in the studio to the point that the contractors want to start work in the main apartment. With that milestone, we've had to pack up seven years of accumulated stuff and move out of the one-bedroom for a month. We moved out on Friday (big thanks to our family who helped lug boxes downstairs and let us borrow their cars).

The amazing thing is, even after crating 30 boxes or so of stuff, there's still a fair amount of furniture that we've decided to leave behind (the contractors will just have to work around it all).

The other striking thing is, now that we've removed our books, clothes, plants, rugs, chairs and sofas, the imperfections in the apartment that we've been living with for years now really stand out. For example, we suffered water damage to our floors over a year ago; with the rugs rolled up and out of the way, its pretty obvious how much we've needed to redo the floors:

We've been living, too, with broken closet doors for who-knows-how-long. I don't think it has bothered me so much in the past. But looking at them in these photos, I've pretty excited to think we'll be installing new paneled doors that actually stay closed.

This week we should be in for some dramatic improvements. We'll be ripping a hole through the wall to connect the apartments; adding floors; and installing the glass for the master shower. I'll try to drop by the old apartment mid-week to shoot some new photos to post.

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