Thursday, May 8, 2008

Imperial Presidency

So, what will our country's verdict be about this president: the elitist, alcoholic blue blood scion of a Mayflower family, educated in the best schools of the Northeast and who never worked an honest day in his life; who amalgamated power to the executive branch to a unheard of degree, changing the basic constitutional balance of the nation in the process; whose federal programs were time and again struck down by the Supreme Court but who refused to moderate his vision for a new America; who trampled on constitutional freedoms by rounding up individuals on trumped charges of "national security" and put them into a prison camp with no access to lawyers or rights to appeal; recklessly alienated millions of Europeans, Asians and Africans with a Manichean, "us versus them" foreign policy; ran up the national debt to record levels; and diverted public funds for his own personal gain?

Sounds awful. So will history's verdict be? Good enough to put him on the back of the dime?

Yeah, cheap shot, but I'm talking about liberal demigod and patron saint of the Democratic Party, good ol' Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Anyway, FDR came up in this interesting MSNBC story about a long-forgotten subway station situated under the Waldorf Astoria.

Via: Ace of Spades.

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