Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Preliminary Framing

Here you can see the metal framing for what will become a drop ceiling. You can just make out the current popcorn ceiling. We could have had the ceiling scraped, but that is a labor intensive process that would have added days and dollars to the project. We also wanted to add recessed lighting, but since our mid-70s-construction ceilings are made of concrete, there was no easy way to accomodate recessed lighting besides effectively re-pouring the entire thing. Better to just drop the ceiling 3-4 inches.

More metal framing for the drop ceiling and for the outer bedroom / hallway wall.

The brown sheet of plywood shows the depth of what will become the master bedroom walk-in closet.

I'm not sure what the fire extinguisher is doing inside the wall ...

Here you see the framing for the master bath. The grey square in the upper quadrant of this picture is the framing for one of our medicine cabinets. We decided on his- and her- medicine cabinets for each side of the bathroom sink, another framed space is opposite this photo. The blackened trapezoid figure on the floor is the metal and tile framing for the master shower.

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