Monday, April 21, 2008

Master Bath (Con't)

It is now the begining of week 3 of our apartment renovation. The primary tiling of the walls of the interior master bath is almost complete. Here's a couple of close-ups of the machine the contractors are using to cut the ceramic tile. I'm not 100% sure what one would call this machine, but "water cooled rotary saw" sounds about right.

They've been slowly but steadily adding rows of tiles to the main walls. The green plastic spacers are of course temporary; they'll be removed once the previous day's work has set.

And here a couple of shots of the architect's plans for the bathroom. It's good to see they're not just making it up as the go along.

All in all we are pleasantly satisfied with the progress in the bathroom. Of course it occurs to me I haven't yet posted an explanation of what the final product is supposed to look like. Basically, we're shooting for a two-room master bath mini-suite. The outer room will have the quartzite walls and include the sink, medicine cabinets and linen closet. This outer room will be separated from the inner bathroom by a sliding pocket door with glass insert. The inner room will house the shower and commode. We're ordering the shower doors and the glass-insert for the pocket door this week. I'll post additional pictures in a couple of days - whenever there's another visually signficant step towards the final product.

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