Sunday, April 27, 2008

Apartment Renovation Update

Our guys haven't ignored the rest of the apartment while work in the master bath progresses. They've been getting ready to lay down new bamboo flooring by working the floors with a strong citrus-flavored anti-adhesive to get rid up the remnants of the original par quet.

They're also finishing the framing and surfacing of the bedroom walls and walk-in closet.

My wife's been looking for a mini-chandelier for the closet. Chandelier in the closet? Well. we are planning on decorating the apartment mostly contemporary / modern, so the wife thinks a classical crystal - frilly chandelier in the closet might add a bit of humor into the mix.

It's tough to appreciate the detail from these photographs, but the contractors are doing a great job plastering and smoothing out the new walls in the bedroom:

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