Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bands I've Known - Part 2

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5. Pedicabo - A Dada arthouse experi-core outfit I performed with in college. I have to say "performed", not "played", because it was never really about the music. The concept of the group was a bunch of too-cool-for-the-Ivy-League punks who not only did not know how to play their instruments, all of their instruments were stolen. Take that, Bill Joe Armstrong! I lost about 2 years of guitar chops trying to learn how to play like I couldn't play. Oh, and Pedicabo means something really bad. Still, we managed to put out 4 albums and a British EP, plus a few bootleg tapes.

6. Muncle Steve - Five or six guys with one tenuous link or another to Boston, gathering together once or twice a week in Alphabet City for beer and loud music topped off with a midnight run south to Houston for some authentic Cuban arroz con pollo. Yeah, we were part of that mid-nineties Lower East Side rock revival. And yeah, we rocked.

7. The Menloves - no, not that kind of menlove. Named after a 1830's Court of Common Pleas tort case. We were a bunch of 1Ls performing for a law school Talent Show. Not much talent on display that day, my friends. Yes, I have video of this one. No, I won't post it.

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