Sunday, April 27, 2008

Master Bath Update

The tiling work is probably 85% done in the master bath. As with any project, we've encountered a few snafu's along the way. Neither we nor our architect or contractors realized we needed to order 1/2 inch edging tiles (the ceramic equivalent to moulding) for the shower stall. We've placed a rush order for those pieces but the shower can't be finished until that additional shipment arrives from Italy (in 3 weeks!).

Meanwhile, the quartzite slabs have gone up on the walls in the water closet area (around the future medicine cabinets and sink). Even covered in white plaster dust and without grout, I think the quartzite was a good choice:

The contractors also did a great job cutting the quartzite down to 4" by 4" squares for the shower floor (shown here, again pre-cleaning and without grout):

The top of the shower bench is looking good:
The third tile element in this master bath is the white marble tiles for the floor. I like the brown-gray veining my wife picked out on this pieces:

These last two photos, however, show another snafu with the tiling. The contractors had to cut the 16" by 16"tiles into rectangles to finish the edge against the wood floor of the hallway. So far so good. But they inexplicably found two or three marble tiles from our batch with no veining and (what looks to us like) distinct yellow discoloration. Now, when you look into the bathroom, it looks like we selected two different types of marble for the floors (see the first horizontal row of darker tiles in the photograph above). While the two-tone marble effect is a common enough choice for many bathrooms, it isn't something we had contemplated. The choice is all the stranger since they used another couple of the "good" tiles (no discoloration, distinct veining) for the sections of the floor that will eventually be hidden under the vanity and closet floor. We're going to ask the contractors to redo that small section if we have enough "good" tiles left in our order.

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